Case Studies

Pricing and Corporate Positioning


Our client is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of storage systems for every type of organisation. The storage systems are pallet racking and shelving and storage.


Step 1 - Questionnaire

A pilot survey of exploratory in-depth interviews was undertaken with pallet racking and shelving customers to unearth issues that could be incorporated into the main quantitative survey. Following the findings from these exploratory interviews a telephone questionnaire was developed amongst some 200 pallet racking and shelving customers and potential customers of our client.


The fieldwork was conducted over a 3 week period amongst a sample of 200 customers. Each interview took on average 10.5 minutes to complete. The interviews comprised mainly closed questions, but with some open-ended questions also based on the findings of the pilot survey.


  • The survey revealed very positive findings concerning awareness and the leadership position of our client in the UK, less so in Europe.
  • The performance rating that customers gave our client were good, but not what could be considered as uniformly excellent.
  • There was some clear evidence that our client's customers have an issue with perceived value for money.
  • A gap analysis showed that some other key areas needed addressing, e.g. meeting installation deadlines, the skill of installation teams and after sales support.
  • The research is being used as a benchmark for tracking customer perceptions

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