Case Studies

Mystery Shopping


A Hampshire publisher of technical publications wanted to gain a better understanding of its own standard of performance in its telephone call centre when customers made calls. The standards to be measured were the standard of general product knowledge of call centre staff and specific knowledge related to technical books. They also wanted to establish performance ratings for such things as number of rings before answer, waiting times between transfers and reaction under pressure when criticised.


Calls were made over a one week period at different times of the day to the call centre staff by our research team, so that both busy and quiet periods were covered. Scenarios were created to assess the level of knowledge and skill of the staff with the queries raised by our research team.


  • As a result of the research the client understood where it’s strengths and weaknesses were and a number of changes were made in the call centre, which involved training staff in the exposed areas of weakness.
  • The client viewed the project as highly successful and planned to do this work on an annual basis.

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