Case Studies

Market Assessment


Our client an electronics manufacturing operation Europe wide in the semi conductor field wanted to identify the size of the European market (EU and Eastern Europe) for linear, mixed signal and sensor devices used in laser trimming systems. They also wish to identify major prospective equipment users (customers by name and location) and determine whether they were using laser trimming or alternative technologies.


Step 1 - Secondary Research

Utilising both on and off-line sources, previous published research in the laser trimming market place was identified. Opinion formers, ie. trade journal editors, trade bodies were contacted with regard to existing market trends. In addition, a major laser trimming manufacturer (competitor) to our client was contacted to establish more detailed facts about the European market in laser trimming.

Step 2 - Questionnaire

A detailed quantitative questionnaire was developed and agreed with our client targeting European manufacturers of semi-conductors.


Telephone interviews were conducted using both open and closed questions in native languages across Europe of semi conductor manufacturers over a 4 week period. The findings and recommendations were then provided to the client identifying market size, trends and potential European customers in the semi conductor field.


  • The European semi conductor market had declined rapidly between 2000 and 2002. The market had then stabilised and steady growth was forecast to take place during the rest of the decade
  • The analogue sector of the semi conductor market forecast to reach almost ¼ by 2007
  • Thick film circuit trimming is the most significant product sector within the European laser trimming market place.
  • It was identified that many semi conductor manufacturers attempted to design out the need for a trimming process because of its cost.
  • Some manufacturing problems amongst semi conductor manufacturers was identified along with a lack of understanding of how laser trimming would be effected as a solution to semi conductor manufacturing problems

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