Case Studies

Market Assessment


An international manufacturer of dust control equipment needed to establish the market situation of its operating subsidiary in Australia. A decision to invest or close the subsidiary was to be based on these research findings. Objectives to include an assessment of the market by volume and value, what the state of the market was, whether the market was in growth, decline or stagnation and identification of key competitors and their performance in the market.


Step 1 - Questionnaire

A key element in the project was of course the development of the questionnaire in conjunction with the client. The questionnaire was tested through 6 tele-depth interviews to ensure that issues of importance had been captured.

Step 2 - Field Work

Online searches were conducted to establish any known facts about the Australian market for dust control equipment. We then identified a potential sample for contact by our telephone interview team, which included major customers, trade associations, some key opinion formers and competitors of our client.

Some 100 interviews were conducted with end users (major customers) and resellers and a further 10 interviews with key competitors. The interviews were conducted over the telephone from the UK. Interviews during the UK night were required.

The whole project was to be completed within 4 weeks allowing 2 weeks for the fieldwork. Where customers had experience of competitors they were asked to write and comment on their performance so that direct comparisons could be made. We completed on time.


  • It was found that the market situation in Australia was more buoyant than the UK Head Office had been lead to believe by its subsidiary.
  • The market share of the client's subsidiary was well below expectations.
  • Innovative competitors were identified.
  • Under performance by the client's subsidiary and the reasons behind it were identified.
  • The research proposed an action plan for addressing the issues identified.
  • Closure of the subsidiary company was avoided through the action plan.
  • The project was viewed as highly successful.

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