Case Studies

Customer Satisfaction 2


Our client a leading global provider of engineered access solutions (latches, captive fasteners and hinges) for industrial applications wanted to benchmark customer awareness and perceptions of themselves and their principle competitors. The research was to be a benchmark for future research to track changes in awareness and perceptions.


Step 1 - Questionnaire

The research was to be undertaken across Europe in 4 native languages amongst our client's customers. A telephone survey was developed. The interview was to last on average 15 minutes.


A total of 311 interviews across 5 countries and in 4 product sectors (marine, rail, off highway and enclosures) were conducted. Interviews were undertaken with Southco customers who were primarily design engineers. The questionnaire contained a mixture of closed questions designed to achieve measures of the client's products and services as well as the competition's, as well as some in-depth open ended questions designed to put meat on the bones.


  • Over 75% of customers across Europe named our client as a principal supplier in their industry sector.
  • Unprompted awareness was also high amongst non-customers.
  • The majority of customers had been specifying our client for over 5 years showing strong product loyalty.
  • For the majority of performance factors our client achieved good/very good scores of 60% or more.
  • Our client was perceived as offering good value for money (high price, good value category).
  • Unprompted awareness of our client's competitors was in general very low across all product sectors, except marine.
  • Some weaknesses were identified in our client's offer to customers in terms of product performance and logistic support.
  • Further research was identified in this area.

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