Case Studies

Corporate Positioning


A major regional building contractor wanted the core information necessary for the development of a revised marketing strategy for the whole organisation.


In order to address the overall objective the work programme was conducted in two substantial phases.

Phase 1

The information gathering necessary for the development of the business strategy, a report summarising the findings and an action plan for the second phase.

Phase 2

Assist in the implementation of the strategy including advice on the preparation of appropriate marketing/promotional materials designed to address the strategy needs.

Step 1 - Secondary (Desk) Research

Secondary research was undertaken to establish national and regional trends in the construction market place.

Step 2 - Questionnaire

A questionnaire was developed in conjunction with the client to conduct customer research amongst specifiers (primarily architects) and end user clients, taken from the clients database (around 50 key specifiers and 20 end users).

Step 3 - Competitor Research

Open ended topic guides were developed to allow discussions to take place with principle building contractor competitors of our client from which profiles of the competitors were developed (market shares, financial structure, market specialisation, etc.)

Step 4 - Staff Perceptions

An open-ended interview programme with the senior management team was undertaken to establish their perceptions of issues that effect the company performance and to compare those with the findings from customers.


  • Architects identified as a key gate-keeper to placement on a tender list.
  • Successful experience in a particular market sector is of great importance to tender list selection by specifiers.
  • Our client's level of unprompted awareness amongst specifiers was lower than most of their major competitors.
  • Our client also scored lower than principal competitors on issues considered important by specifiers, eg. completion to programme and reputation.
  • The staff interview programme identified a number of issues of concern that needed to be addressed including level of marketing expenditure as a proportion of turnover, materials available to the sales team and a lack of focus on architects as a key specifier of commercial building opportunities
  • Our research recommended an action plan for the client that would address the issues identified in both the customer and staff research.

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